The Business of Betting Podcast

One of the most fun and fascinating aspects of my work has been having the opportunity to work with top performers in a variety of fields. I have worked with pro golfers, professional poker players, traders and esports professionals to name a few.

However different each profession is, there are far more similarities. For example, traders and poker players have to deal with more uncertainty than do players in esports and golf, but each one has their own version of ‘Tilt’ and related issues.

Another field that has popped up recently as well is sports betting. I now have clients who are professionals in horse betting and live sports betting, so it was cool to get a chance to do an interview in that space when I was on “The Business of Betting Podcast.” Naturally it’s aimed at that market, but I’m certain poker players and traders can get a ton out of it as well.

Written by Jared Tendler

September 17, 2018

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