WSOP Articles for PokerNews

To help you be at your best during the WSOP, I’m releasing a series of articles on PokerNews. They’ll cover a range of critical topics. You can see the list below and I’ll be updating this page as each article is released. Enjoy!!

  1. Setting Yourself Up for WSOP Success
  2. Tilt – A Phenomenal ROI Killer
  3. Four Surprising Ways to Handle Pressure at the WSOP
  4. Don’t Let Burnout Ruin Your WSOP
  5. Keeping Focused at the WSOP While Bitcoin Moons

You can also have a listen to my interview with Chad on the PokerNews Podcast where I talk about Entitlement Tilt, Phil Hellmuth’s big blow-up and the release of my new video series: Mental Game Tune Up for Tournament Poker.

Written by Jared Tendler

October 1, 2021

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