You Can’t Stop a Problem You Can’t See

Right out of the gate in Chapter 2 of The Mental Game of Trading you’ll learn a straightforward method to spot the signals of greed, fear, anger, and confidence and discipline problems, before they become too big of a problem. Catching it early is critical. When emotions get too intense, the mind isn’t powerful enough to stop them and mistakes become inevitable. Seeing it afterwards, is like seeing a trade you missed. The opportunity is gone.

Learning to see these mental and emotional signals is no different than what you do every day as a trader. Now you need to use that skill and turn it on a different set of material, so you can start to see causality where you currently only see randomness. That how you can begin to tackle the mental and emotional problems causing your decision-making process to breakdown.

The steps are practical and actionable. And if you work that process you will start to see signals of the problem early enough so you can avoid mistakes and missed opportunities.

Written by Jared Tendler

April 14, 2021

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