Making Sure My Next Book Helps You

I’m excited to announce I’m writing a new book. I’m switching it up this time, however, and it’s not about poker – it’s The Mental Game of Trading.

Sorry to disappoint fans of The Mental Game of Poker books who were hoping for The Mental Game of Poker 3. But I do think some of you will enjoy the trading book because it will incorporate material I’ve been developing over the last five years to increase the speed and ease of solving even the toughest mental game problems.

For The Mental Game of Trading to be as hard-hitting as the poker books have been, I need your help.

The Ask: If you’re a trader, please take five minutes to complete this survey. If you’re not, please forward it on to any traders you know who might be willing to fill it out.

The Benefit: Not only will your feedback help the book address the problems that are holding you back, I’m also offering a free webinar in February 2019 for anyone who completes the survey.

The Why: My first two books, The Mental Game of Poker 1 and 2, were successful because I had the unique opportunity to interact with thousands of poker players beyond my 1:1 clients through forum posts, online Q&A’s, and coaching videos. This allowed me to make sure that I was crafting my books in a way that fit what poker players needed and spoke their language. Like the poker books, The Mental Game of Trading will provide traders with a roadmap to identify and correct the most common, and often pervasive, mental game issues. For maximum impact I need to make sure the examples and language really resonate.

Beyond my personal work with individual traders and institutional clients, the attached survey is part of a targeted research effort to ensure the book is as tailored as possible to the concerns and lingo of the broad trading community. The more traders who are willing to share their perspectives, the better I will be at using language and examples that resonate with you.

Please be sure to take the survey by January 31st so I can get cranking on the book and so you can participate in the seminar.

Written by Jared Tendler

December 10, 2018

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